People ask us what we really do (more often than you'd think in fact). It usually goes something along the lines of - "I mean HiFi, Home Cinema, even Lighting Design, they're all fairly easy to grasp, but what about Multi Room Audio/Video and House Control, and really, what's this about Complete House Design?" Indeed, people who've known us for years often ask us if we're actually still open. However for us, the World has changed. Indeed, we are busier now than we ever have been, to the point where on occasion we actually turn jobs down. So here's the low down and dirty on what your favourite shop gets up to.

HiFi. - We would never give up our HiFi. We love it. It's the reason we existed to start with and we truly believe that even in these days of compressed music and streaming, once a person hears what music can really sound like, they'll be hooked for life, just like us. From small system to a stunningly realistic bespoke setup, we do it all.

Home Cinema - Gone are the days where people popped in for a small Cinema amp and a set of five speakers. However, we've kept up to date and have installed some cutting edge custom designed Home Cinemas. You give us the room, we'll give you the ultimate Cinema Experience. Does that mean you need to be a millionaire? No. We still do our best to find a system to suit almost every budget.

Scene Controlled Lighting Design. - We are experts at designing a lighting layout for your house, the fittings, the switches, even the wiring plan if you need it. Then, we'll install it using renowned Rako scene controlled modules. This gives you beautiful control of your entire home lighting (and curtains and blinds) in ways that your usual electrician and a few light switches can't comprehend. This is one of our most popular services and we're rightly proud of our clientele who've used us even from 400 miles away.

Multi room audio/video and house control. - If you would like to make your home more interactive or user friendly, we offer a range of control solutions including (but not limited to), audio throughout the house (completely invisible even down to the speakers if you so wish), a music and movie database storage which enables you to watch what ever you want in what ever room you want when ever you want. Heating, lighting, door entry and security control - all of which can be accessed away from home if desired.

Complete house design, build and completion. - So, this one's a bit more tricky. Some of our largest jobs have involved us from the ground up, we've designed the property, been in charge of its build, it's fit out, even the design of the furniture and room layouts. We've appointed the tradesmen, overseen the project, and completed it ready for move in, complete with what ever control the client desires. In fact we're fairly confident that no other business operates even remotely at the all encompassing level of involvement and personal attention that we do. It's why we do only a very few large installation jobs a year and why we enjoy almost 100% customer retention and loyalty.

Online sales, new, ex-dem and pre-owned bargains. - Yes, we do have an online shopping area. However, because we're infinitely busy about the brands we sell, we only have a very limited choice of things you can buy. We know what we like, and that's what we sell. We do on occasions take in things as part exchange, so you can can catch a bargain of two on our sale page dedicated to ex-dem and pre-owned bargains.

We've made it big by keeping it small. We look forward to welcoming you to the Audio Images family.
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