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Zappiti Media Servers & Media Players

For those of us with huge collections of a lifetime of music CD's and a wealth of Movies on either DVD, Blu-Ray or even 4K Ultra, we have the solution to the easy playback of your treasured archive.

The Zappiti server can take your shiny disc, and in just a short while, RIP it totally without loss to the incredible NAS RIP Server. And with the ability to hold truly vast amounts of discs (and I do mean really Vast! Check this stat for the fully populated model - 1,000 4K UHD Blu-rays / 2,000 Blu-rays / 12,000 DVDs / 120,000 CDs!) you're unlikely to ever run out of space.

Once you have your library of discs Ripped to the server, accessing them couldn't be easier using Zappiti's award wining interface. Control it on screen, control it on your tablet, control it your phone. It's intuitive and easy and beautifully presented.

Movies and music you forgot you had will be there at your fingertips awaiting to be re-discovered.

What's more, this is a NAS drive, so it automatically backs up your collection, so that if one hard drive should become faulty, you won't have lost any of your precious collection. Replace the hard drive and it will automatically be re-populated from the remaining drives.

Because Zappiti have their own excellent range of matched Media Players, this also means you don't just have to watch it in your main room. You can have players anywhere in the house you wish and everyone can enjoy the ultimate convenience and watch what ever they want independently of what ever else is being watched in another room.

We proud to be selling and stocking the Zappiti range of products.

Movies and CD's - Don't just own them, play them!

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