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The summer travel essential: the Dali Katch

In store now!

The Dali Katch is a battery powered versatile bluetooth loudspeaker, designed for portability and quality, it's a must have for people wanting to enjoy music on the go, with a stylish integrated leather strap making it easy to carry from A to B.

Using your bluetooth on your device, you can instantly cast from iTunes, spotify, youtube and any other media player, and with an internal 2600mAh Li-Ion battery you can enjoy your music for up to 24 hours and have a full recharge (from flat) within 2 hours.

We've just added this item in stock at our store and have been testing it out this week; I've been super impressed by the sound and the quick responses to pairing it with my device. My only qualm is not only does the Katch pick up on my iTunes, it also picks up on any other sound that my phone would make - phone calls, games, instagram stories etc, so make sure you've done all your catching up before you listen!

We have this item in stock in black but it is also available in pink, blue and green!

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