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The Halo Jump: Parasound's new stereo power amp

Available now with a SRP of £6999, the Halo Jump is Parasound's new stereo power amp capable of delivering 400W per channel.

The power supply employs a 1.7kVA shielded toroid power transformer with a premium H18 grade steel core.

High bias class A/AB provides 12W per channel our class A power and class AB effortlessly to it's 400W per channel 8-ohm rating. It can deliver 600W per channel into 4-ohms and cab be bridged to mono for 1200W into 8-ohms. The output stage employs 24 beta-matched, 15 ampere, 60MHz bipolar transistors to deliver a formidable peak current of 90-amperes.

The Halo JC 5 is direct-coupled, protected by DC servo circuits to eliminate coupling capacitors, to extend bass response down to 5Hz. It's balancing outputs use discrete circuits with Neutrik locking XLR connectors.

Parasound's refined Halo design aesthetic is evident in the JC 5. Slim, Hand-milled solid aluminium endocarps with gold highlights amplify it's grace and elegance.

The net weight is 33Kg and it will be available in silver or black.

information from SVI magazine

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