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Ruark wins best desktop speaker second year running!

The verdict is out! And Ruark's Audio MR1 Mk2 have won 'What hi-fi's award for best desktop speaker for the second year running. But what are they?

The MR1 MkII combines the simplicity of a wireless connection with the increased audio fidelity of separated stereo speakers. Compact, portable and powerful they will perform well with laptops, TVs and hi-fi systems all around your home. Bluetooth streaming takes the hassle out of staying connected and, with advanced audio coding, there’s no loss of quality. And with refinements added to the MkII's sound, controls and connectivity, this is a superb performing speaker pair.

Brilliant Wireless Tech This set features aptX audio coding technology that partners with Bluetooth so compatible devices can stream to MR1 MkII with audio quality virtually indistinguishable from a wired connection.

Super-Powered Sound These speakers utilise two drive units, developed specifically to give high performance sound from compact dimensions. Great care has been taken on the woofer and tweeter construction to ensure distortion causing reflections are kept to a minimum. The MR1 MkII amplifiers have been refined for an even better sound, with dynamics and precision that belie their size.

Intuitive Controls The MR1 MkII feature a control system that’s simple and easy to us. A slick button interface on one of the speakers controls power and volume, incorporating three pin point LEDs that indicate system status and input.

Versatile Connectivity On the rear panel of the control unit are outputs for the left hand speaker and a subwoofer, so an active subwoofer can be connected if required. A switchable line-in input with attenuation switch allows numerous audio devices (such as a turntable) to be connected. The MR1 MkII also feature an optical input for high quality connection to other add on devices, or even a television.

Slick Remote Control Included A simple remote control enables all functions to be set and operated from the comfort of a chair or bed. It also has an auto-standby setting built in and will automatically enter sleep mode if no signal is detected.

Looks to Match The speakers are fronted with British–sourced fabric, specially selected not just for superb looks but also for acoustic performance.

Can they be beat?

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