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JVC unveils the ‘world’s first’ 8K e-shift home theater projector at IFA 2018

Information by SVI MAGAZINE

Get involved in a UK first, as Habitech demonstrate the world's first home theatre projector with 8K display resolution at this month's TechFest dealer event. JVC's DLA-NX9 applies the company's proprietary e-shift processing using it's latest 0.69 native 4K D-ILA chips (as deployed by the award winning DLA-Z1) to create a stunning 8K image.

Equipped with JVC's proven multiple pixel control (MPC) and intelligent Lens Aperture tech, the DLA-NX9 promises the most naturally detailed and dynamic images possible, upscaling 4K and FHD sources to 8K resolution. To ensure consistent image fidelity across the screen and throughout a wide shift range of +/= 100% vertical and +/-43% horizontal, the DLA-NX9 employs a high resolution 18-element, 16-group all-glass 100mm lens, including specialised RGB refractive elements for exceptional accuracy. An 'Auto Tone Mapping' feature reads mastering info in HDR10 and HLG content to optimise brightness, and to exploit the enhanced contrast of HDR, the DLA-NX9's Intelligent Lens Aperture is capable of generating dynamic contrast of 1,000,000:1 from native 100,000: 1 ratio. a new cinema filter has been engineered to accommodate HDR's wider colour space and for the smoothest on-screen action, JVC has upgraded it's clear motive drive technology to support 4K60P (4:4:4) signals.

Launched alongside the DLA-NX9 are two further JVC home theatre projectors each with it's latest 0.69-inch native 4K D-ILA chips supported by Intelligent Lens Aperture Tech, Auto Tone Mapping, wider colour capability and 4K clear motion drive processing. The DLA-N7 offers a dynamic contrast ratio of 800,00:1 and the DLA-N5, ratios of 400,00:1 dynamic and 40,000:1 native. The DLA-NX9 and DLA-N7 are available in black, the DLA-N5 in white or black.

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