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TV Review | Just how Chilling is Sabrina?

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

(Spoiler free!)

In our previous blog post I had mentioned the news of the brand new netflix series "The Chilling adventures on Sabrina", (based on the 2014 comic adaptation of the same name) which aired October 26th, and like any sane halloween fan, I instantly binge watched it and finished it in two days.

Although I understand that the appeal of watching a teenage witch isn't there for everyone, this show can shock you with it's twists and turns that kept me interested, and I was pleased to see that it chose to go towards practical effects and away from being CGI heavy. (which personally can always take it out of a good series if the effects are iffy)

Sabrina is a darkly atmospheric, super enjoyable show with a varied range of characters. Including the fantastic Michelle Gomez (Green Wing, Doctor Who) as Ms. Wardwell, who's sinister demeanour became quickly one of the most interesting characters for me; and then we have the polar opposite in the absolutely delightfully chipper Lucy Davis (Wonderwoman, Sean of the Dead) as Hilda Spellman, who quite frankly, I wish to protect with every fibre of my being.

Obviously the show isn't without flaws, some of the characters aren't as fleshed out as I would have liked, but Netflix has already started filming for season 2, so I have no doubt that we will continue to get to know our characters and become more attached as we continue in the story.

Sabrina is rated at 15, and some viewers may find some scenes disturbing (exorcisms, sexual scenes, small amount of gore), but on the horror scale it fits in nicely at around the 4/10.

Overall series rating:


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