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Barco: Revolutionising the LCD video wall experience

Sometimes a new innovation creates a revolution, shaping the entire product line’s future. With the Barco UniSee platform, Barco completely redesigned and optimized every component of the LCD video wall, resulting in a new way to look at large screen visualization.

The Barco UniSee platform consists of: UniSee View, UniSee Mountand UniSee Connect. These three elements come together to define the future of LCD video walls.

  • 100,000 hours backlight lifetime

  • >95% intra-tile uniformity (21 points)

  • 800 NIT TYPICAL brightness

The Unisee View

The extremely narrow intra-tile gap of Barco UniSee, ensures the best possible viewing experience. By freely distributing content over multiple tiles without interruption, you create a large canvas without visual information loss.

Most vibrant and true-to-life colors

Barco UniSee’s color accuracy is second to none, allowing you to display colors more brightly.

Great for dark backgrounds

The very high contrast of Barco UniSee makes sure there is no glowing effect of light content on static dark backgrounds.

The Unisee Mount

The UniSee Mount structure needs less connections than traditional mounting systems. This not only makes installation faster, but the way the connections are conceived also makes the system flexible, enabling it to self-align. All cabling can be positioned neatly inside the guiders.

Easy servicing

Another revolutionary aspect of the UniSee Mount, is that it facilitates servicing. Using a simple wrench to move the adjacent screens, all individual panels are easily front accessible – even the middle panels. They can be taken out swiftly and securely, making service and maintenance easier.

The Unisee connect

UniSee Connect includes a lot of technology that ensures an optimal uptime. This includes Barco's in-house designed real-time and automatic calibration system Sense X, but also a lot of other intelligent measures.

Faster repair

The modular design has another benefit: the components can be serviced a lot faster guaranteeing a more cost-effective solution. Most repairs can even be done on-site reducing downtime of the entire Barco UniSee wall to an absolute minimum.

Ensure uptime and avoid unplanned interrupts

Barco offers the possibility to include a redundant power supply that automatically takes over when the first unit fails. This can be positioned either inside the panel, or externally at a remote location.

Ideal for showcasing on a larger scale!

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