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Have you ever heard an album that has pushed music from something to listen to into a pure art form?

This is it.

Sevdaliza has a genre of music all her own that I find impossible to put a label to. If I was to describe it, I would say it was ethereal, surreal and hauntingly beautiful.

With such tracks as Human, put against the stunning visuals provided in the accompinying video, reflecting that of the political climate and treatment of women by the US president, she proves again and again how to make you feel her emotions with every song.

Sit back and take heed of her captivating vocals, giving you both strength and fragility all in one. A real eye/ ear opener.

Also not to be ignored; the album cover includes a hyperrealistic sculpture of Sevdaliza created by surrealist artist Sarah Sitkin.

Her second album The Calling now also available.

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