Home Cinema has such a wealth of choices for speakers that just giving them categories is difficult enough.

People who want big and bad can have what their heart desires with a huge choice available to them and it may even be worth checking out the
Hi-fi speakers for your main front channels for the ultimate in sound reproduction.

Some people however, may wish to be a bit more discrete about it, in which case check out the
Satellite speaker section. There's lots on offer and some very attractive speakers to boot.

For those of you wishing to be totally discrete then run your eye over what is new in the
In-ceiling in-wall categories. You can even paint them to match your wall or ceiling colour. So finally you can have those Violet speakers you always dreamed of.

Those of you who yearn to hear what they are actually saying in the movie may want to treat themselves to a new
centre channel. You can go the whole hog and have a centre as big as your main channels should you wish.

Finally, for all you out there that want to liquify your internal organs, shatter the foundations and blur your vision then take a look at the
Subwoofer section. It's good to know that how good you think your bass is already, there is always something better. And if there isn't, then use two!