Yet again, Oppo shows the way.

Oppo have now become established as producing the best Blu-Ray players at their price in the World, they are simply unbeatable. They are also some of the finest players available at any price.

You could, quite reasonably expect them to take a rest, and leave the competition time to attempt to catch up, however you would be wrong.

Enter the new
BDP-103EU. This quite incredible new machine makes a mockery of other manufacturers so called high end machines.

Just look at these specs:

OPPO BDP-103EU Specification Highlights:

•    Third generation Qdeo™ by Marvell video processing
•    Dual HDMI 3D Outputs
•    Dual HDMI Inputs for video processing of external sources
•    Front HDMI Input supports MHL
•    ARC support on both HDMI inputs
•    2K*4K video conversion
•    Blu-ray 3D
•    2D to 3D conversion with user adjustable parameters
•    Blu-ray Source Direct 1080/24p
•    DVD 24p conversion (NTSC)
•    Multiple image zoom modes. Vertical stretch mode
•    DLNA Type functions including DMP, DMC, DMR
•    Access to SMB/CIFS clients
•    Samba Support
•    Gracenote Support
•    Netflix™ *
•    7.1 (Configurable 5.1 / 2.0) analogue audio outputs
•    Advanced media playback
•    Three USB ports, 2 rear 1 front
•    USB Wireless adapter included
•    Full function RS232
•    External IR input

There is quite simply so much new ablaut the new machine, that we urge you to click “HERE” to see the full specification and details.

Oppo excellence - new reference grade Blu-Ray player

We all thought the Oppo BDP-93EU was the cream of the crop, until Oppo themselves throw a spanner in the works and give us the Oppo BDP-95EU.

Amazingly the
Oppo BDP-95EU not only gives us everything amazing that makes the Oppo BDP-93EU so good, it also surpasses and squashes out any remaining weakness that may have been present.

You are guaranteed fantastic 1080p24 output from Blu-Rays and the Marvel video processing for standard definition sources is exemplary. in addition it handles nearly every format out in the wild including 3D.

One of the greatest improvements is it also now offers excellent audio replay for both analogue and rather unexpectedly, digital. The suprise here is that the digital output is actually better than the already fine performance standard set by the

A new reference build quality, separate power supplies and additional shielding to cut back on any interference between components. Reference level DACs, balanced XLR and dedicated stereo outputs, 7.1 output analogue decoded, dual HDMI and 2Gb internal storage, the list goes on. It all makes this industrial sexy finish a killer package very few can touch. Available to purchase from us today.

Onkyo joins the 3D Blu-Ray scene

One of the worlds leading home cinema manufactures brings us the latest in 3D blu-ray players.

Onkyo BD-SP309 is the perfect match for partnering equipment bringing phenomenal detail, speed and ease of use to our cinemas and living rooms. In addition to Blu-Ray, DVD and CD playback we have the option for home networking via the ethernet port to stream music and videos direct to the big screen.

All of this for an astonishingly low price.

OPPO launches astonishing Blu-Ray multimedia player

OPPO have launched a new successor to it’s original and highly successful BDP-83 Blu-Ray player.

The new
BDP93EU is a technical tour de force. Great sound & picture quality, Hard drive capable movie playback, full onboard 8 channel decoding, twin HDMI outputs.... the list appears endless.

Check this astonishing spec:

  • Blu-ray 3D™
  • Exceptional picture and sound quality
  • 2nd generation Marvell Qdeo™ video processing
  • Network streaming
  • Advanced DVD up-conversion to 1080p
  • SACD & DVD-Audio/Video
  • Wireless-N (Wi-Fi 802.11n)
  • eSATA & Dual USB 2.0 ports with NTFS support
  • Dual HDMI outputs
  • External IR & RS232 control for complete system integration
For a full list of all the specifications, see the dedicated OPPO 93 page - here.

HD Component to be chopped.

HD Component to be chopped. - Click to see the article in the Hi-Def section.

Harman Blu-Ray was worth the wait

The Harman Kardon BDP 10 finally arrived with us recently.

Our initial disappointment at having waited quite so long for it was soon swept aside when we plugged it in.

Our bench measurement for Blu-Ray has always been the PS3. This is because of a number of things. The PS3 is affordable, reads the disc quite quickly, has good picture quality from Blu-Ray replay, acceptable replay from DVD and thanks to its updatable status, the latest Blu-Ray profile operating firmware.

Many players that come out, struggle to equal the PS3 playback picture quality, let alone beat it. Some are frustratingly slow, and many are overpriced.

The expensive players from the high street boys (Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, Denon) have offered a better picture quality, but not by a vast margin, and they are getting close to a thousand pounds for the better ones.

The Harman weighs in at £600.00, so it’s no bargain basement, but that’s pretty much our only grumble.

From the word go, the picture has incredible black levels, and due to its lack of pulldown in its picture decoding, the movement is smooth and jagged free. This gives greater depth of picture which leads to a more film like presentation. However the big shock came with the sound. The replay from all formats of sound was a vast improvement over our previous experience with other models. Considerably more open, greater transients and greater detail levels, all help to bring the movie to life at a higher level than any other Blu-Ray player we’ve tried.

You’ll also be glad to know that the Dvd replay at 1080P is not a let down as it is with so many Blu-Ray players. CD replay is predictably OK, but no better, however this is pretty much the same throughout the breed. If you want decent audio replay, buy a dedicated CD Player.

It’s on permanent dem in the shop, so pop in and take a look.

Harman confirms Blu-Ray spec

Harman’s long awaited Blu-Ray player has had several delays. This has been caused by the ongoing changes to Blu-Ray specifications.

We went from Profile (that’s the firmware version) 1, to 1.1, to 2 and then to Blu-Ray Live for further on-line interactivity.

The problem with this has been that the manufacturers have struggled to keep up with this ever changing spec.

But, the theory is now, that profile 2 with live is the long lasting final and Harman have confirmed that their player will have both.

Expected to be out in late March to mid April at around £499.00 we will keep you informed.

Onkyo Blu-Ray new on the block

The new Onkyo DV-BD606 Blu-Ray player has arrived.

Onkyo finally gave up on the firmware profile front and have adopted the profile 1.1. So full compatibility on disc's, but no on-line disc extras from this machine.

Onkyo instead believed that customers would rather have increased performance on the picture, than better extras handling.

To this end, the ultimate test is always going to be how it performs against the benchmark Playstation 3. The PS3 is the very thing that helped Blu-Ray win the format war, and its performance considering all that it does is quite remarkable. In fact, such is its levels, most mainstream Blu-Ray players being released failed to live up to it as competition, so you can imagine how critical we've become of stand alone players.

We're please to say that the BD606 ticks this box well. The picture appears much smoother than the reference PS3. Less jerky in the way it handles movement as well. Colour saturation is also well on par.

Priced at £399.00 it's definitely worth the extra over the crop of cheaper players out there and yes, it does improve over the PS3.

For now the
Onkyo does a good job, with a worthwhile upgrade on standard playback from cheaper machines. Any huge leaps are likely to have to wait for more heavy weight players like Lexicon to get into the field.

Watch this space.

Lexicon RT-20 - The last great DVD machine?

With the on set of Blu-Ray and the many exciting things this brings with it, the world of standard DVD seems to be taking a back seat.

But if like us, you've already built up a sizeable collection of DVD's, then you can be forgiven for thinking that you should be playing these back in the best possible way.

Blu-Ray machine of course playback DVD, and even up-scale it. But sadly not as well as many ordinary DVD machines at even modest prices. Even worse, DVD machines will now, never get ay better, because in their rush to get to Blu-Ray it's becoming the forgotten format.

So what do we do with the huge collection of discs we have if you want the very best picture you can get for them?

The answer. The
Lexicon RT-20

Now you can forgiven for thinking that this reference end of DVD replay is completely beyond most people pocket. With it's amazing build, great CD transport mechanism, Audiophile quality CD replay, class leading DVD up-scaled picture replay, SACD and DVD Audio onboard processing it's all beginning to look like another of those dreams that we'll just never get too. To be honest at it's retail price of £3500.00, yes that's right, £3500.00. You would probably be right.

However, in a one off coup' for us, we have managed to get a small number of brand new, fully warranted multi-region machines for an incredible saving.

These machines are on a 1st come, 1st served basis at just £900.00 We've already sold around fourteen, but they don't arrive for about another eight days and we still have the chance of just a couple more.

I must admit that I was first in the cue, so every one else has had to get behind me!

Harman announces Blu-Ray player on the horizon

During their March press release of the new things to come this year, Harman has announced that there will soon be a Blu-Ray player added to their line-up. Details were being kept under wraps at this time, but the unit is said to contain high propriety video circuits and will support a vast range of playback abilities as well as multiple card reader slots. All with Harman's customary high quality performance.

The new look recently announced for the
new range of AV amplifiers will also be used for the player.

Harman DVD37 still our best seller

Ever since it's introduction the slim and sexy Harman Dvd37 player has been our best seller. Multi-region adjusted (cough cough), Upscaling and HDMi output as well as progressive component are all items in its arsenal. So what makes the picture so special. Unlike most players that have video outputs for HDMi, Component, Svideo, Composite and Scart/RGB, the Harman only feeds the output that you select via the set-up menu. This then, does not weaken the video output by splitting it to many different connections. The result - great picture that leads the class in its price. Now that makes sense that you can really see.

Primare is primary

For those seeking a universal player of the finest calibre, there can be few contenders offering quite the same level of performance and panache as Primare’s new DVD30.

Uncompromising in its selection of the finest components, the
DVD30’s innovative circuit topology promises class leading standards of reliability and performance allied with an impressive range of features.

Equipped with the latest triple 192 kHz/24-bit audio DACs and fully balanced outputs, the
DVD30 will provide sound quality of an exceptionally high standard. DVD-A, DVD, DVD-R/RW, SACD, CD, CD-R & MP3 are all handled with equal dexterity.

The highly regarded pixelworks™ and Analog Devices video processors combine to create exceptional digital and analogue video outputs. The DVi output, capable of 720 and 1080 resolutions, provides the optimal digital video transmission for today’s DLP projectors, TFT screens and Plasmas. For a display device with analogue video inputs the
DVD30 provides multiple options including: Component video, Composite and S-Video outputs. Progressive scan is available for both PAL and NTSC material. Sixteen video parameter adjustments and three user memories provide complete control of image optimisation.

Working with the adage - you get what you pay for - the
Primare offers class leading performance.