Revel reveals all

When you think of a speaker that’s going to cost you around six and a half thousand pounds, your almost certainly going to think floorstander. It’s also fairly likely that your going to think big floorstander and anyway, it had better be a good’n at that.

So when we now introduce you to the
Revel Ultima Gem I expect your going to think it sound a trifle expensive for a stand mount speaker, until that is, you listened to it.

The Ultima Gem is well named, for a gem it really is. It’s difficult to find a speaker that has more openness, detail and soundstage than this well crafted unit. The sound alone is worth every penny.

But their other forte’ is their looks. As soon as you set eyes on them you know these are not going to be any ordinary run of the mill speakers. Their build is exquisite and their finish beyond reproach.

So they look a million dollars and sound fabulous, surely that’s enough? No? Then let us tell you their final party piece - they can be wall mounted! That’s right. They have been designed in such a way that they can be mounted on the wall, they are very slim in depth, and they come equipped with switchable boundary settings to make them sound at their best no matter what the position. They also feature a treble gain and attenuation to help make up for room inconsistencies.

So why would Revel go to all of this trouble to make such a high end speaker that will fit in such a strange range of places. The answer - they can also be used in surround sound for fronts and rears. Now I know that some of you will be thinking that that seems a bit frivelous, but when you think about it, how good would that be, amazing is the answer.

So there you have it. The new Revel is a real Gem!

Vienna makes great things other than their whirls

Vienna Acoustics were missing for sometime from our list of preferred speakers, but we are more than welcome to have them back. The mix of great sound allied to incredible build and finish hasn't changed, only improved.

The whole range has had a design facelift taking their already good range to new highs.

But amongst their great range the one's here that we're going to wax lyrical upon is the smallest of them all, the
Haydn Grand. From the moment these were played to us, we fell in love. Regular readers will know that we're not the greatest of lovers when it comes to stand mount speakers. Most of the time we feel that what you loose in the smaller cabinet size is just to great a sacrifice. But you'll be delighted to know that we feel they Haydn Grands not only tick all the right boxes for a small speaker, they tick most of the ones for a large one too.

This is no small sound with a plumby bass line. This is a real open speaker, with a huge natural sound stage, revealing all the subtleties of my favourite Jacques Lousier disc, but at the same time playing all those glories double bass notes like it was second nature.

These small but exquisitely crafted boxes look fabulous, sound fabulous and would suit even the smallest of listening rooms. The only thing that's not small about them is the sound, and that's as big as any decent floor standing speaker would give you without the need for extra space.

Maybe I might just re-think my stance on small speakers?

A Triangle Oblong

We were the first people in Mainland UK to sell Triangle speakers over fourteen years ago. The became almost overnight our best selling range of Hi-Fi speakers. Over that time they have gone from strength to strength.

The latest range has been out for about eighteen month and just as before offer High end sound at a lower end price.

Fast and vibrant sounding with great depth and space. Matched with the right amplification (the whole range has nice high efficiency, so valve amps he we come) the sing like no other.

The Titus is the first and smallest of their Hi-Fi bookshelf/standmount range and has all of the attributes you could hope for, including the stunning tweeter design found in the much more expensive range. So bring in favourite album and give them a try.

But, just in case you are under the misapprehension that they are triangular, then let us correct you, they are in fact oblong.

Q here

It could quite easily be concluded that the only good speakers are expensive ones, but this just isn't the case.

Take the new range of speakers from
Q Acoustics. Universally well received by the press, but more importantly by the buying public. They offer exceptional value for money, great build and superb sonics right through the range.

The range consists of two standmount speakers and two floorstanding models. They start at just £99.00 for the
1010 models, then £129.00 for the 1020's, £229.00 for the first floorstanding 1030's and £329.00 for the quite frankly stonking 1050's.

They are well built and finished and come in a choice of Graphite Black, Beech & finally Cheery. But they all look good and sound great.

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