This Genie only grants one wish, but it's a good one..

... and that wish is, 'how do I get great sound from my Vinyl on a tight budget?'

"POOF" as if by magic, the Genie appears.

The new Project Genie mkII follows in what is becoming a great line of heritage from Pro-Ject.

This little turntable has a big heart but a small price tag, and, an even smaller foot print.

Because of it's diminutive design it's a turntable that will fit almost anywhere. There are no bulky chassis or lids to try and cram on to your already full up sideboard, just a small three footed mounting and motor base.

OK, it's true, we don't think that it's going to worry your SME turntable in terms of performance, but then the price or the Genie wouldn't even buy you an empty SME box!

It's really great value for money with a killer sound per pound ratio that's been recognised by just about all the mags in WH Smith's.

Plus, for those of you who want to make a statement, you can also buy it in a Racing Red finish for just another tenner!

Even Aladdin's lamp didn't come with that colour option.

Ortofon produce Celebratory high end cartridge

Love them or not, Ortofon have, and continue to, produce some of the Worlds finest cartridges within there price ranges.

Many of the finest of these have been designed by the extremely talented design primo Danish-man Per Winfield. At Seventy Five he has been designing for over 30 years. But, as time comes to us all, he has decided to retire.

To celebrate this master of the Vinyl pick-up medium, Ortofon has brought out the Limited Edition MC Windfeld.

Using the legendary Replicant Stylus 100 profile, it offers truly magnificent authority with controlled but full bass and astounding levels of detail. All of this is presented with a open and spacious soundstage and a tonal signature all of its own.

Early audition is advised as they won't be here for ever.

The return of a Legend

Almost every person old enough to spin a penny will know the name Thorens.

They have produced some of the worlds best known turntables. Now, at last they are once again available on this small Isle of ours.

Their range is excellent, from the mearly affordable to the downright expensive. Some look good and some look stunning.

But more to the point is they all sound good and are built to a standard you know wont let you down.

Come in now to hear the mid range TD295 mkIV

Ahhhh've got to love it...

Ortofon MC25FL A true classic cartridge.

Some time ago Ortofon introduced the MC25. A moving coil cartridge with a fairly high output, low signal to noise ratio and great tracking ability. Almost overnight it won an array of great reviews. Then, to out do themselves Ortofon decided to take the same body and arrangement but fit it with a finely polished, nude fine line elliptical diamond on an aluminium cantilever. The effects were dramatic. The fine line profile of diamond has been in design for a great many years, however it is costly to make and so generally only fitted to much higher end cartridges. The MC25FL at just £300.00 was a positive bargain. There is nothing that this cartridge doesn't play well. It's that rare cartridge that actually is a musical all-rounder. Now however, the powers to be at Ortofon have realised that it is just costing them to much to make. So, we must wave goodbye to what has been one of my personal favourite cartridges ever. A true classic. But wait, could it just be that one canny dealer has bought all of the remaining stocks? Now who could that be?

Michell Gyrodec - 25 years on and still ahead

The Michell Gyrodec is a piece of art in it's own right. Long long before the crowd decided that acrylic looked cool, John Michell pioneered this turntable. It's hanging weights added extra mass to the plater which aided its gyroscopic momentum. The inverted bearing with its built in oil pump were, and still are, simply ahead of everyone. Small upgrades have helped to keep it in it's rightful place. Rest assured though, that unlike some manufacturers it has never had upgrade after upgrade just to bring in extra money. It hasn't needed them because it was so well designed in the first place. Now available in a cut down SE guise it remains one of the worlds most desirable and yet affordable turntables. Be sure to audition it soon.