Sugden A21a now in mkII guise

After just a pultry 30 years in production the near legendary Sugden pure class 'A' A21a integrated amplifier has been upgraded.

Now converts to what is without a doubt one of the Hi-Fi industries best kept audio secrets might look on in shock and horror. "Don't fix something that ain't broke" I hear them cry.

Well, as that great book by the genius Douglas Adams said - "Don't panic".

They have retained that which we hold so dear about the original A21a, but they have given it a stylish new look, more power and better handling of lower impedance speakers. Oh and also, and I'm almost frightened to tell you this incase it puts some people into shock but, well......... they've given it a remote control volume! There, I've said it.

Pure class 'A' has always been something that Sugden has excelled at and the new A21a is just what you would expect from a company with such a wealth of knowledge in this area.

Listening to our latest demonstration unit we are glad to report that none of the old charm has been compromised. However, expect greater dynamics with better bass handling, especially when things are getting busier. Also with the improved current drive you have a much bigger choice of matching speakers.

Check out the new spec Here.