Massive REL 20% P/X Discount scheme

In what is sure to be a very popular move, REL Acoustics are offering a whopping 20% discount to anyone part exchanging in an old subwoofer (the brand is irrelevant) against one of the new award winning REL T-7, T-9, Serie R or Gibralter models.

With models starting at just £425.00, that means with your extra discount, it will be easy to bring some extra bass into the house.

Further more, with the top of the range G-1 retailing at £2999.00, it means that you can part exchange in any old working subwoofer and get as much as £600.00 off!

That’s RELy something worth making some noise about.

This enticing offer runs until 30th September 2011, so don’t take too long to think about it.

Paradigm PDR Series

Welcome the new PDR-W100 subwoofer from Paradigm, oh did I mention no wires? Yes thats correct, now you can place your subwoofer in the perfect position with the arrival of the PDR-W100 subwoofer. This will not only allow for the best bass but also allow for a clutter free wire solution.

The wireless transmitter included within the package is a self sensing automatically adjusting unit to make sure that the connection is always rock solid for the very best bass possible.

Combine this with a simple sleek lifestyle design makes this one of the world best selling subwoofers.

Velodyne launches new DD+ Check your fillings!

Velodyne is just about to launch on to the unsuspecting public, the new Digital Drive Plus range of high end subwoofers. Aimed at people who have an inkling for liquidizing their internal organs, the new range offers quite startling rates of completely controlled low low frequencies.

Its list of specifications reads like a perfect subwoofers wish list.

Class D amplifier with 1250 RMS Watts and a +/- 3dB frequency range from 300Hz down to a quite extraordinary 13.7 Hz

Using Velodynes on proprietary built in software, you can tune the subwoofer, with the aid of the inclusive high quality microphone you can adjust all the frequency responses to provide a flat response in your room environment. The upshot of this is a subwoofer with little to no overhang that is capable of getting to the very lowest depths of bass in what is a bone jarring sound. No blurry boom, just great bass, that’s very low, check these specs!


Amplifier Power

Driver Size
1250 Watts RMS
3000 Watts Dynamic

1250 Watts RMS
3000 Watts Dynamic

1250 Watts RMS
3000 Watts Dynamic

1250 Watts RMS
3000 Watts Dynamic

Digital Servo

Frequency Response

16.3-120 Hz +/- 3dB
15.5-120 Hz +/- 3dB
14.2-120 Hz +/- 3dB
13.7-120 Hz +/- 3dB
Cabinet Dimensions

36 X 33 X 42 cm
40 X 37 X 41 cm
51 X 46 X 57 cm
58 X 53 X 65 cm
Remote Controlled

Auto EQ


Black gloss ebony, satin cherry or walnut
Black gloss ebony, satin cherry or walnut
Black gloss ebony, satin cherry or walnut
Black gloss ebony, satin cherry or walnut

Blurs vision
Blurs vision, rattles fillings
Blurs vision, rattles fillings, liquifies internal organs
Blurs vision, rattles fillings, liquifies internal organs then removes them, puts them in a plastic bag and buries them in the garden.



The new REL T5 providing performance within a price bracket. The performance and build quality of new REL T5 is exactly what you would expect from this world leader in bass. The minimalist cube design with four aluminium feet, will allow it to sit comfortably into everyones living room. It is available in two attractive finishes, gloss white and gloss black. A true REL design class AB design amplifier providing a smooth 125 Watts of power allows this subwoofer to be at home with music as much as multi channel home cinema.

The only question left to ask is, what is stopping you from bringing your bass up to date?

Paradigm Reference Statement Subwoofer

Two subwoofers, two reasons why you will need to go see a Otolaryngologist (ear doctor), the Paradigm Sub 1 and Sub 2.

With the
Paradigm Sub 2 providing continuous RMS sustained power output of 4,500 Watts, peaking at over 9,000 Watts, be prepared to check the local sub station is up to standard or fear the wroth of your neighbours. Not only does the Sub 2 provide you with gut wrenching depths of bass down to 7 Hz, it borders on the insane providing 112 dB at 10 Hz and 126 dB at 60 Hz (in room). Trust me this is enough for any clinically insane person.

A clever vibration cancelling design mixed with multiple drivers, 6 in total provides the listener with information that is conveyed in a
precise clarity with pin sharp precision. By the way, did I mention the requirement to brush up on your body building skills, as this monster though small for its abilities ( 62 X 60 X 57 cm) comes in at a back breaking 106.0 kg’s!

If you have 1 minute 10 seconds spare, watch this