Panasonic think BIG with new huge 3D Plasma

Panasonic’s latest 3D Plasma, the snappily named TH-103VX200, features full HD 1080P picture with 3D capability, but at a whopping 103” screen. That’s as big as some peoples Projection screens.

This beast of a screen weighs in at a rather hefty 200 Kgs, so don’t expect to be mounting it on your stud wall without making sure it won’t pull the whole lot down the following day.

Usually at this size, the picture quality reduces dramatically, but Panasonic seems to have created a screen that manages to cope well, and offer a picture that could well be the better of some much smaller units.

HD Component to be chopped.

HD Component to be chopped. - Click to see the article in the Hi-Def section.

Pioneer reviews its Panel business

Pioneer is said to be reviewing its options regarding its flat panel business says the Wall Street Journal article.

Many companies are looking at their production profits at this time, and Pioneer is considering whether it should cease all productions of flat panel displays, both LCD and Plasma.

This follows last years decision to cease production of its own panels and instead source them from Sharp and Panasonic.

This it would seem still hasn’t put their panel production on a financially profitable footing, hence the recent decision to possibly withdraw altogether from the panel market.

An announcement is expected as soon as next month.

Incredible new DVDO scaler is how cheap??!!! That must be mistake.

Incredible new DVDO scaler is how cheap??!!! That must be mistake. - Follow this link

It's almost getting repetative - Planar Best again.

In a review where yet again the price was quoted incorrectly, the Planar was awarded a full five stars with comments such as - "Even more remarkable is how great standard-definition sources look..." and "..the sensational purity of its pictures, HD images look utterly pristine, with no grain, no noise and no processing glitches" and finally what is becoming the familiar wording for this panel "possibly the single most subtle and satisfying TV picture performance that money can buy".

Check out the full review here.